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His Last Breath


» His Last Breath «



Melted Collage

12.3 x 10.9 cm || 4.7 x 3.9 inches

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The Maiden's Poem
i'm here, i say
i'm here.
he awakens and
she buttons on his breasted suit
and straps the laces of his boots.
he goes out on his search.
i'm here, i'm here.
he scours the sands
making demands
and i am the answer
right here.
he over turns mountains
and under turns oceans
in his quest.
when i'm here and
can attest to the details
of his best
at the end of
the day i listen to
what he has to say.
i untie his shoes
and listen to his blues.
i unbuckle his belt
and feel what he felt
in his unquenched thirst
as he puts all things first
and never notices
i'm here
his last breath comes
and he fights death's doldrums
for the love he never found.
yet i was always around
i close his eyes and
wipe his last tear
lean in close
my lips to his ear, i whisper
again you're gone
and i'm still here. i'm here.
[Yolantha Harrison-Pace]