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Coquette (Un Chien Andalou III)


» Coquette (Un Chien Andalou III) «



Öl auf Leinwand

45 x 45 cm || 17.6 x 17.6 inches

Mailanfrage   Nach Oben.

2016 Soest: "Kunst im Bunker, SoestArt 2016"
2010 Museum Abtei Liesborn

Poems for this painting by Yolantha Harrison-Pace
"Hair Adornments"
Beware of
women who wear
flowers in their hair
for songs they sing
don't mean anything
just jazzy blues
for the lack of you
of empty notes
and dancing
billy goats
who breathe
from slitted throats
flower haired
sharp tongued women
who aren't afraid
of death

"Like A Dog"
a slap
a push
a shove
still she returns
like a dog
to its vomit.
loveless women
are like clock work
in and out
of season

"The Sly Foxed Chicken"
the fox and the hen
slept together and then
sunrise the fox
was gone
and the hen
laid her eggs
with an eye
that was sly